Australian petition movement for Assange

Together we are stronger.

This petitional movement is a grass roots, peoples’s petition, it was started by 1 Greek Australian and now carried by 23,041 signatories. It is a strategically targeted pathway to his freedom and it is already affecting change. It has been hacked and attacked, derailed and re-railed, but now it is unstoppable. Just too many people understand how it is tailored and how it is the pathway to Julian Assange’s freedom. Along with the multi leveled global movement (of which yours is a very important one [addressing Greeks]), it is only via our collective and multi-leveled approach will we win his freedom. His freedom will win. This hero we will not permit to be assassinated or silenced. He represents a massive change for the better.

I send Petition Notices to the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and all 226 elected Senators and Member that make up the entire Australian Government. They are each delivered a Notice of demand twice a week and via their Australian Parliament House Email server account. I am delivered email confirmation of their receipt, so they all receive it. The Prime Minister is sent a second notice each time via the “Contact Your Prime Minister” contact portal, so he receives 4 Notices per week.

Who am I? I am a regular citizen, however In a former life (so to speak) I was what some may refer to as a campaign specialist with over 20 years experience, trained by some of the Largest entities in the world, if not the largest. I accept no payment , no donation, $0. Money will not be permitted to tarnish the movement. This passion to free Julian Assange comes from my ancestry, my Greek heritage, The Greek revolutionary Anagnostaras is my blood and Julian Assange freedom now represents our focal point for victory. A modern day battle akin to the 23rd march 1821 Battle of Valtetsi for the liberation of Kalamata in the Greek war of independence. Only this time victory will be by peaceful action.
Julian Assange is the canary in the mine and we need to get him out, for our children’s future.

Together We are Stronger
Phillip Adams (family ancestry of Anagnostaras)
Phillip Adams No. 2
Phillip Adams
20th Petition Notice Dec Smaller file size
aaaaa22DSC_3881 3 Trimmed off - Copy

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