Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked the DMC e-mails to Wikileaks, says Roger Stone, American political consultant

In an interview with The New American magazine, political operative Roger Stone expresses his belief that Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was murdered for political purposes — not as a robbery gone bad. In particular, Stone said it was “abundantly clear” that Rich was murdered for having blown the whistle on the DNC by leaking explosive documents to WikiLeaks. Even former DNC boss Donna Brazile expressed fear for her life after crossing the Clintons. Stone also said Julian Assange was a journalist and a “truth teller,” not a criminal. Ironically, he noted that liberals loved the WikiLeaks chief when he was exposing the Bush dynasty, but suddenly turned on him when leaks about the Clinton dynasty and Obama began emerging. The Supreme Court has ruled that media may publish information they receive, even if it’s classified, and yet the establishment has gone to extremes trying to bring him down.

Comment from “Rodion Raskolnikov”:

“Politics has become really dirty business but Stone is a bit player, a hanger-on. The real dirty politics in the current phase is the FusionGPS-Steel e-CIA-FBI-MI6-D OJ massive assault on the truth regarding Trump and his comments about good relations with Putin. A whole universe of Putin’s Bitches has been fabricated by these covert political operatives. Mueller and Judge Berman are playing their roles in the biggest campaign dirty trick in all US history.

Probably Stone can’t keep his mouth shut and he will end up in solitary confinement. But it is important to ask what he did. He got really excited about the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton emails and he tried to gin up interest in them. Many of us did the same things, but we were not friends of Trump. Stone was targeted by Mueller because he was a friend of Trump. His acts were legal. This is the real scandal. Forget Stone. He is a hanger-on and a bit player. Mueller is the dirty player.”

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