Assange interview on ABC radio in Australia

Comment from WH (on Facebook):

This is an interview Yanis gave to the Australian journalist Phillip Adams (an old friend of his, not the Phillip Adams who has distinguished himself in autonomous campaigning and lobbying for Assange in Australia). Yanis’ position is a standard freedom-of-the-press defence line, staying away from critical examination of the Swedish rape allegations (unlike Craig Murray) and their politically motivated resurrection now by the Blair wing of the Labour Party. He says that Assange is least likely to be framed by the British courts than by any conceivable alternative. He says that there is more likelihood of extradition to the US from Sweden (and presumably from Australia) than from Britain. This seems more or less to correspond with the positions of Assange’s legal defence team. Yanis also takes the position that Assange not only does not want to say, but in fact does not know, who communicated the incriminating information on Hillary Clinton from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks.

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