Assange and Sweden

Nikos Vakolidis writes:

I think the Swedish will reopen the rape case so they could have and then extradite Assange. It will be less traumatic for the British government to extradite him to Sweden for rape accusations than give him to the USA. And it will be easier for Sweden and with less political cost to extradite him to the USA than it would be for Britain or Australia. I think their laws are perfect for that. It will be very diplomatic to say ” he didn’t rape them but we have to extradite him for conspiracy in computer intrusion”. It seems in the end that the EU hypocritically decided for the law of protection of the whistle-blowers now. They wanted to seem that they care for Assange, they avoid the political cost of not interfering to protect JA by announcing that law but they give 2 years to member states for changing their laws so Sweden can extradite JA before changing its legislations. Brilliant We must request that the legislation of every country should change immediately, I think.

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