Trump and Tsipras

Trump and Tsipras are both targeted by their electoral opponents as at best dubious individuals, and mostly much worse than that. Respectable Greek citizens often reacted with disbelief and outrage when Tsipras became Prime Minister. I know this because I translated some of the articles a representative gentleman wrote in his vain quest for foreign support against a politician whose election to the Prime Ministership he (and not only he) saw as outrageous and demeaning for Greece.

Allegedly progressive American Democrats reacted with the same revulsion against Trump with which acknowledgely conservative Greek New Democrats reacted against Tsipras. Nancy Pelosi has had to brave the rage of media-driven mob politics in the Democrats to stand up now for what SHE sees as constitutional principles.

That does not prevent Hillary Clinton from joining the debate to shake Pelosi’s certainty or encourage her, depending which way you look at it:

What are the similarities between politicians as different as Trump and Tsipras?

They are both seen as failing some test of moral respectability.

Trump is an inarticulate, loudmouthed, womanizing, bullshitting racketeer.

Tsipras was an eternal adolescent. A lazy student who skipped class to engage in silly university activism. A graduate from the school of Greek Communist Party student politics. A young punk who it was unbelievable to see as Prime Minister. An opportunist who took advantage of American favour to thumb his nose at the European Union, in conjunction with Varoufakis, and then sell out his supporters.

But Trump has militant support from a large enough slice of the American population to make his opponents wary of staging a head-on confrontation with him, and with them.

And Tsipras is now the European Union’s favourite, at least in many crucial ways. His diplomacy over Macedonia has won him many plaudits. His way of dealing with mainstream conservative and media opposition has revealed him as a very talented tactician. Unlike his respectable opponent Mitsotakis he has shown himself capable of putting nation, in this case EUROPEAN nation, above party.

Both Trump and Tsipras were helped to power by people who thought they could use them for their own purposes. The Clintons helped Trump to the Republican candidacy because they thought his uncouthness would make him a pushover in the Presidential election. Tsipras was helped to power in SYRIZA by Alavanos, who thought that he would remain a flower in his own (Alavanos’ own) buttonhole. But Alavanos was quickly dispensed with.

Spectators who remain entranced by the Society of the Spectacle cannot understand how politicians whose faults are obvious and on public display can beat politicians whose faults are NOT so obvious and are protected from public display, so that it is extremely dangerous to try to tear away the veil, as Julian Assange is now seeing to his cost.

As for Trump being in Israel’s pocket – who in all-powerful New York apart from extreme Zionist Jews was willing to associate with Trump? That was Clinton or Sanders territory, for domestic reasons, not for reasons of international policy.

A significant element in Trump’s popular base believes that the failure of the Mueller report to come up with the required dirt on Trump is a turning point and that from now on the movement will be in the other direction. The accusers will become the accused. There is going to be an avalanche, and it is not Assange but Hillary Clinton who is going to end up permanently in prison.

I am an activist, not a prophet and I cannot say if there is substance to these hopes, or if they are a delusion.

But here is someone who is convinced of the reality I have just reported.

Assange’s Info Could Put Many Away For Life

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